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Medium and long-term enterprise planning:: 1, equipment intelligence. Continuously improve the level of intelligent manufacturing of manufacturing companies. In recent years, the company has invested in technological transformation projects year by year. Currently, the CY-03 small lock body automatic assembly line with an investment of 1.25 million yuan has been put into use, with an annual production capacity of 800, and it is planned to invest in 2018. 5 million yuan and then on the two varieties of lock body automatic assembly line, the project has been in the design and manufacturing phase, the lock production will eventually usher in smart manufacturing.
2, locks intelligent. Intelligent locks such as electronic locks and password locks are the direction of lock development in the future, and are also the focus of the company's development. In 2018, the smart lock sales target is 50 million yuan, and will double at a rate of doubling each year, becoming the company's future growth point and pillar product.
3. The smart lock industry park is actively planning. Because the current development of the group company is limited by land and factory buildings, it is negotiating with the government department to plan the smart lock industrial park, investing 2 billion, and producing 5-10 billion smart locks, establishing the first domestic and world-class smart lock industry base.