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Wanshengyi "Disciplinary Rules" and Corporate Management Training

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From May 11th to May 12th, 2013, the senior trainer of Jinlan League visited our company to develop “Di Zi Gui” and corporate management training. The participants were excellent employees, warehouse managers, material personnel, statistics, and quality control personnel of various departments. The total number of class supervisors, heads of classes, directors, and department managers was 350. Training was held in the auditorium of our company. During the lecture, Mr. Sun connected the important relationships between Chinese traditional culture and modern life and corporate culture construction through video games and interactive sessions. Explain to us the beauty of humanity and filial piety and the focus of corporate management. After the meeting, our company conducted a questionnaire survey of 58 outstanding employees. The following are the main survey findings:

Through this training, I learned how to honor the elderly and educate children, know how to respect others, and thank the company. How to pay for life plans, behavioral norms. The courage to take responsibility, take the factory as a home and thank the company and Cai for the opportunity to give this study, for this training to win the ten-year book.