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Where are rim locks commonly used?

Update:17 Aug
Rim locks, also known as "rim cylinder locks" or "nightlatch locks," are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings as a supplementary locking mechanism. They are often installed on the surface of a door rather than being embedded within it, which sets them apart from other types of locks like mortise locks or deadbolts. Rim locks are frequently found in the following situations:
Residential Doors: Rim locks are commonly used on residential entry doors, especially on the inside of the door. They provide an additional layer of security and are often used in conjunction with other locks like deadbolts.
Apartment Buildings: Many apartment buildings use rim locks as an extra security measure for individual apartment units. They can help prevent unauthorized access and provide residents with a sense of security.
Commercial Buildings: Rim locks can be found on the doors of offices, storage rooms, and other areas within commercial buildings. They offer a relatively simple way to secure doors without requiring extensive installation.
Emergency Exits: Rim locks are sometimes used on emergency exit doors. These locks are designed to be easily operated from the inside, allowing people to quickly exit a building during emergencies.
Secondary Entry Points: Rim locks are often installed on secondary entry points like side doors or back doors. These locks provide an additional layer of security without the need for complex installation.
Cottages and Vacation Homes: Rim locks are also used in vacation homes and cottages as they are easy to install and provide  basic security when the property is vacant.
It's worth noting that while rim locks offer convenience and supplementary security, they might not provide the same protection as more robust locking systems like deadbolts or electronic access control systems. Therefore, their usage is often combined with other types of locks to create a comprehensive security setup.

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