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CX-03A Mini size magnet indoor lock

Zinc panel, shell/cover galvanized sheet, aluminum gusset
A mini size magnet indoor lock is a compact and convenient lock that uses magnets to secure a door. 
The mini size of this lock makes it ideal for use in small spaces, such as cabinets, drawers, and closets. It can also be used on interior doors, such as those in bathrooms, bedrooms, or offices.
Product name CX-03A
Backset 50
Center distance
Material Zinc, aluminum, iron
Lever handle spindle: 8*8
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  • CX-03A Mini size magnet indoor lock
  • CX-03A Mini size magnet indoor lock

Product description

The CX-03A Mini Magnetic indoor Lock uses magnetic design to improve security in residential and commercial locations. Magnetic locks use a strong magnetic field to lock the door tightly, making it difficult for illegal intruders to enter the room by picking the lock or other means. This mini magnetic lock is relatively simple to install and does not require complex wiring or changes to the door's structure. Just install the lock on the door and install the corresponding magnetic piece on the door frame. Compared with traditional mechanical locks, magnetic locks make almost no noise during the opening and closing process, providing users with a quiet environment. The main materials of CX-03A mini magnetic indoor lock are zinc, aluminum and iron. Iron has good magnetic conductivity, which is beneficial to the magnetic conduction and stability of the magnetic lock. Aluminum material has good thermal conductivity, which helps the magnetic lock dissipate heat and improve performance stability. Zinc material has good corrosion resistance and can protect the lock from corrosion in humid environments.

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