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185-3 stainless steel fire door lock housing

The fireproof lock consists of three parts, the first is the latch, the second is the push bar, and the third is the door exterior fittings, the main materials are stainless steel, zinc alloy and aluminium alloy.
The use of state - fire locks are three kinds of use of state. The first belongs to the normally open state, is usually open state, when encountered in the fire, the fire warning sounded automatically closed after the fire, isolate the fire source, to protect the crowd safety. The second belongs to the active state, set for the closed state, when someone needs to enter and exit when pushing the door or press the door handle to open, after the person leaves, in the role of the door closer and automatic relationship. The third belongs to the normally closed state, fire locks have been kept closed, only people with the authority to open through. In case of emergency, the door lock will be opened automatically, so that people can pass safely.
Fire lock has the function
Favourable for emergency evacuation - fire locks are suitable for any safety exit door, emergency access door, escape door, fire escape door, when there is a fire, it can increase the flow of people through the space, even if the evacuation of the crowd. Convenient security management - fire locks do not need a key, but through the guards, alarms, smoke detectors and other placement equipment, usually not only free base, but also play a role in preventing theft. When a situation occurs the security system can be fully activated, unified and coordinated performance is better.
Strengthen the defence and control protection - fire locks can be opened through the access control mode, only with the access control of the human edge in and out, fire locks will start. If forced entry will trigger the alarm system.
Scope of application of fireproof lock
Fire locks provide protection in the event of fire and are suitable for use in highly populated areas such as supermarkets, shopping centres, office buildings and residential buildings.
Because these places have a large flow of people, if a sudden dangerous situation occurs, can not evacuate the crowd in time, it will cause very serious consequences. So these places are the fire department focus on monitoring and inspection of the place, clear requirements according to the requirements of the installation of fire equipment.
In addition, in schools, hospitals, factories, these places are also a lot of people, also need to raise the importance of fire safety, the installation of fire locks.
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In 2009, Suzhou Wanshengyi Metal Locks Co., Ltd is China wholesale 185-3 stainless steel fire door lock housing Manufacturers, we established a new concept industrial park and introduced a group of small hardware lock enterprises with strong professionalism (mainly specializing in the production of anti-theft door locks, copper padlocks, door, and window handles, blinds, special-shaped hinges).
In 2010, the group company successfully passed the IS09001: 2008 version of the quality system certification. In 2015, the group company officially put into production electronic lock products with fingerprint and face recognition functions, and the product structure was upgraded. As a private enterprise deeply rooted in the local area, our company has always attached great importance to social welfare and cultural undertakings.
The group takes "happy work and common growth" as its development concept, and actively undertakes social responsibilities. Focus on creating an atmosphere of "cooperation and win-win" for employees and enterprises. We take improving customer satisfaction as our eternal goal. We will continue to introduce and develop various professional equipment to continuously improve product quality and production efficiency.

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