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9040B Double Cam Housing

There are square tongue and tilt tongue two lock tongue, usually according to the function of the pull handle is divided into single live insert door lock, double live insert door lock and quick open insert door lock three kinds. Single live is that the handle is fixed against the outdoor side, the indoor side can be pressed down to open the miter tongue, double live is that both sides of the handle can be pressed down to open the miter tongue; fast open is that the outdoor and indoor handles can be lifted up the reverse lock.
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In 2009, Suzhou Wanshengyi Metal Locks Co., Ltd is China wholesale 9040B Double Cam Housing Manufacturers, we established a new concept industrial park and introduced a group of small hardware lock enterprises with strong professionalism (mainly specializing in the production of anti-theft door locks, copper padlocks, door, and window handles, blinds, special-shaped hinges).
In 2010, the group company successfully passed the IS09001: 2008 version of the quality system certification. In 2015, the group company officially put into production electronic lock products with fingerprint and face recognition functions, and the product structure was upgraded. As a private enterprise deeply rooted in the local area, our company has always attached great importance to social welfare and cultural undertakings.
The group takes "happy work and common growth" as its development concept, and actively undertakes social responsibilities. Focus on creating an atmosphere of "cooperation and win-win" for employees and enterprises. We take improving customer satisfaction as our eternal goal. We will continue to introduce and develop various professional equipment to continuously improve product quality and production efficiency.

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